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Presidents Message for June 2022

Posted by Chuck & Karen Dusenbery on July 7, 2022 at 12:55 PM


Dear Sooner Model A Club Members,


Moving forward, I want to thank everyone who stepped up to keep the Sooner Model A Club going. I hope everyone will take advantage of the various ways that we can take our Model A’s out and enjoy them. The Midwest Regional Meet in Olathe, KS and the MAFCA National Convention in Kerrville, TX are two very good tours in which we can participate.


Later this month, we have our one-day drive to the First American Museum in Oklahoma City. The drive to the First American Museum, on Saturday, June 25th, would be a good time for everyone to test-drive their Model A. The First American Museum is new and should be very interesting. We will have a tour guide, and the reduced fee is only $5.00 per person. The club is picking up the difference.


If anyone is concerned that their Model A will not make it, please make plans to ask some experienced members to help you get your Model A in shape, so that you can enjoy the ride instead of worrying about breakdowns. It might also be beneficial to plan to travel with someone. We have found that most of our fellow travelers are willing to help if needed.


The Board will welcome any suggestions as to what the club should do or not do. One suggestion is to change the Club meetings back to a Tuesday night. The one that is available now is the 4th Tuesday of the month. This will be discussed at several meetings before any vote or decision is made.


We want everyone to be involved in the business of the Club. It is your Club, and the board members are only stewards in fulfilling the mission of the Club, which is determined by the members. Please make every effort to attend the meetings and outings. This is what the Sooner Model A Club is all about. We are hoping to see you at some of the activities, and at least one of the 4th of July parades.


Don Mitchell


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