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March Presidents Letter

Posted by Bill B. Harris on March 8, 2012 at 5:50 PM


Greetings to all my Model “A” friends. We are three months in the year and time to get the old machines in good running condition. What you have put off doing all winter, it is time now to put some priorities on “fixin things.” Like always, help is available for the asking.

March is always a busy month with the St. Pat’s parade and the Chickasha swap meet. All we have to hope for is good weather. We have in the past experienced the entire weather range for the parade, sleet, snow, rain, wind and sometimes even sunshine, all in the same day. It is always a fun time.

I want to remind everyone that as a member of the Sooner Model “A” Club, you are required to join MAFCA. The cost is nominal, $40 per year, but the benefits are numerous. As a member of MAFCA, you receive the Restorer magazine which is an excellent publication. Applications are available, ask at the club meeting.

Let me encourage everyone to consider participating in the Spring Tour sponsored by the Tulsa club. It should be a fun time for a nice trip to Muskogee and to see the Azaleas.

It will be a good Model “A” tour so, dust ‘em off, tune ‘em up and get ready for a fun trip.

Don’t forget to wear your name tag to all club events.

Bill B. Harris

March 2012

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