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April Presidents Message

Posted by Bill B. Harris on April 12, 2012 at 6:00 PM

Let me wish everyone a joyous and Happy Easter. April is the beginning of Spring and really, the beginning of the Model A year so dust ‘em off and tune ‘em up so you can begin to enjoy them.

We had a great turnout for the last Saturday activity to Cresent and Guthrie. We had eleven cars for breakfast and ten for the trip to Cresent and Guthrie. (I know you didn’t know cars ate breakfast.) The museum in Cresent and the Children’s Home in Guthrie were very interesting and thanks to Kent and T. J. Gilliland for setting up these events. So far, getting different people to help set up activities seems to be working. If you haven’t signed up to organize one, think about doing it.

I am sorry to have missed last month’s club meeting, but I understand everything went very well. Thanks to Kent for taking over. We had some good comments over the two tooth steering demonstration Mr. Bordwine conducted. I am very pleased with the demonstration schedule so far and we have some great ones coming up so, stay tuned and plan on coming to all future meetings.

I am going to use a paragraph from my newsletter six years ago. “Forgive me if I sound like a broken record, but like I said in my January message, the grass is turning green and the flowers are blooming, and you don’t have much more time to get your Model “A” tuned up and ready for this year’s events.” Call a member friend who hasn’t been to a meeting lately and encourage them to come to the April club meeting.

Bill B. Harris

April 2012

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