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President's Message For June

Posted by Editor on June 3, 2016 at 10:50 AM

June is here and that means a couple of national events. The Texas tour kicks off June 9th - 12th followed by the Regional tour in Longmont June 19-24th. Both of these will be outstanding events. Several Sooners will be attending these events.  

We kick off the month with a Flash Drive to Shawnee and Tecumseh on the 4th of June. New club member Joe Inda has invited us to tour his car collection in Tecumseh, Ok.. If are planning to make the trip please let Phil know so we can get a count. You can find the event details in the event calendar and the Scuttlebutt. Our regular club meeting will follow on the 21st. With all of the regional tours we don't have any other outings scheduled for the rest of June. 

It was a real treat to have Bob Bordwine back for May's meeting demonstration on generators.I never fail to learn something new during one of his technical demonstrations. While a lot of cars run modern alternators many cars still use the stock generator and a refresher course is always appreciated.

A new Photo Album has been added to the website with pictures from the 2006 Regional Meet here in Oklahoma City. I am sure you will enjoy seeing some old and familiar faces.

Rusty and Gerry Swain were also at last months meeting. Rusty continues to recover from his broken hip. Bill Jenkins continues his therapy related to his fibrosis. If there are other member concerns please let Katie Ownens know. Let's continue to keep these folks in our thoughts and prayers.

Looking forward to seeing you on the road,

Will Langford
2016 Chapter President

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