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President's Message For December

Posted by Editor on December 1, 2016 at 9:00 AM
December marks my final month of my 3 year tenure as President of the Sooner Model A Club. I have really enjoyed my 7 years on the board. Henry Ford???s Model A is my hobby and giving back to my hobby and my club with my time is the least I could do for all of the knowledge and friends I have gained from participating. I would first like to thank all those board members who have served with me during these last 3 years. Without their help keeping this great organization on track would not have been possible. Vice President: Phil Wolfenbarger, Secretary: Kaye Sage, Treasurer: Carla Newton, Directors: David Johnson and Scott Waugh. I would also like to thank the committee chairs that volunteered their time as well. Membership: Dewayne Owens and Steve Talley, Sunshine: Katie Owens, Demonstrations: Bob Bordwine, Merchandise: Don Mitchell and finally Jon Russell for refreshments. A special thanks as well to Bill and Sue Harris for allowing us to use their garage and meeting room and to the countless others who have chipped in when called to help. We have been but stewards of this great club over the last 3 years and hope we have done proud by all of the former officers and club members who have laid the ground work for us. Those who have served on the board know that it is rewarding work but at times can be frustrating trying to put forth and agenda that is compatible with a group as large as ours. I would like to encourage all members to find a way to contribute back to our club in some way. Your new club President Vaughncille Weidner and the 2017 board will have a lot on their plate with the 50th Anniversary and the 2017 MAFCA Awards dinner and would certainly appreciate the assistance. We have seen many new members join in the last 3 years and unfortunately we have seen too many leave us. Members Johnnie Gentry, Gerald Starr, Woody Woodward, Glen Raub, Charlie Searock and others along with our good friend and mentor Bill Jenkins will all be missed. They all leave behind big shoes for us to fill. In closing I would like to thank all of our members for their contributions to our club and for your support over these last 3 years. I look forward to our 50th Anniversary year and our participation with the Model A Ford Club of America for the 2017 Awards Dinner. As always I hope to see you on the road. Will Langford

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