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2017 National Tour

Tue. 8/14 All day Marilyn Mitchell Birthday

Happy Birthday Marilyn:)

Fri. 8/17 All day Springfield, MO Swap Meet

Springfield, MO

Sat. 8/18 All day First quarter
Sun. 8/19 All day Paulsen Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Ed and MaryAnn

Mon. 8/20 All day Johnson Anniversary

Happy Anniversary David and Julie!

Tue. 8/21 All day Phil Wolfenbarger Birthday

Happy Birthday Phil:)

7:00 PM Sooner Model A Monthly Meeting
Wed. 8/22 All day Chuck & Linda Angie Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Chuck and Angie!

Sat. 8/25 All day Earl Millen Birthday

Happy Birthday Earl:)

Sun. 8/26 All day Full moon
Mon. 8/27 All day Terry Cavanar Birthday

Happy Birthday Terry8)

All day Havill Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Jerry and Virginia!

Tue. 8/28 All day Mitchell Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Don and Marilyn

All day Vicky Langford Birthday

Happy Birthday Vicky:)

Wed. 8/29 All day Ferrell Aniversary

Happy Anniversary Don and Sally!

All day Lyon Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Phil and Judee.

Sat. 9/1 All day Bob McMillian Birthday

Happy Birthday Bob:)

All day Rodger Johnson Birthday

Happy Birthday Rodger

7:59 AM Cars & Coffee, OKC Coffee & Cars, OKC Occurs the first Saturday of every month at Coffee & Cars OKC! Car enthusiast of all ages, who informally gather to enjoy our passion of motor vehicles. Everyone is welcome, and there are no fees. When: First Saturday o... more
Sun. 9/2 All day Shirley Amend Birthday

Happy Birthday Shirley!

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