The Sooner Model A Club Of Oklahoma

Sooner Model A Club Of Oklahoma

Model A Ford Timing Gear

Changing a timing gear in a 1929 Model A Ford truck. Remove the hood, radiator, front splash apron, and generator. Then put a floor jack under the oil pan to support the engine. Remove the four front-most oil pan bolts and the two front motor mount bolts. Remove the seven timing gear bolts. Crank the engine and line up the timing marks that designate TDC. Remove the timing gear nut with the proper tool. Don't use a hammer and chisel! Pull the timing gear and replace. Replace outer gasket and timing gear rope seal. Replace timing gear cover. Crank engine until timing pin falls into detent. Important sanity check: check cylinder #1 for TDC. Start engine before installing radiator. Don't run it long without radiator. Button it all up, and you're done!

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