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Installing a Model A Ford Head

This video will help you with some preparatory steps to take before installing a new cylinder head on your Model A Ford. I tried to put the best information I have into a reliable procedure that anyone can do. Disclaimer: This is *one* way to preflight your flathead install, it is not *the* way. I'm certain I've made mistakes and left out important information. Happy to discuss in the comments. Chapter Headings 0:00​ Introduction 0:44​ Step 1: Acquire new cylinder head and gasket 2:13​ Step 2: Resurface and paint the new head 3:11​ Step 3: Remove the old head and gasket 4:19​ Step 4: Check and clean stud holes 6:33​ Step 5: Check for damage and witness marks 14:37​ Step 6: Check for flatness 19:34​ Step 7: Check for blocked coolant passages 22:15​ Step 8: Check for adequate piston-to-head clearance 37:36​ Step 9: Check distributor fit 38:08​ Step 10: Check your parts and supplies 39:42​ Wrap-up The more unusual tools you'll need for this checklist are a precision straightedge, feeler gauges, a deck bridge, and a dial indicator. The remaining needed tools should be stuff you already have around the workshop.

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