The Sooner Model A Club Of Oklahoma

Sooner Model A Club Of Oklahoma

Cleaning out a Model A gas tank.

How to clean out rust and crud from a Model A Ford fuel tank using lead pellets, mineral spirits, and manual labor. Model T makes a guest appearance, and fellow Model A YouTuber Jack Bahm lends some of his video footage! It's a trio of Model A YouTubers all in one. If you don't want your Model A to break down, just subscribe! Jack Bahm's great YouTube channel- For technical help with your Model A, please send your questions to- "I AM THE WARRANTY" shirts and other stuff- How to shift the Ford Model A transmission- How to check and change fluids in Model A- How to lubricate a Model A- How to do Model A front end alignment- How to set the timing in a Model A- How to properly adjust Model A brakes- Ford Model A daily driver- Why the Ford Model A is the best American car ever made-

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