The Sooner Model A Club Of Oklahoma

Sooner Model A Club Of Oklahoma

Celebrating Henry's Model A since 1960


In the summer of 1960, seven Ford Model A enthusiasts gathered together in Oklahoma City and started a new organization called the Oklahoma City Model A Club.  Later as their membership grew they created their club By-Laws and set the foundation for the club we have today. The club first petitioned the newly formed Model A Ford Club of America in 1963 but the lack of membership prevented the charter from being issued. Later in 1967, now with 27 members the newly renamed club “The Sooner Model A Club” again petitioned MAFCA and the charter was granted.  Just 5 years later the club membership grew to over 80 members.   This group met in several locations across the city, such as the old Dub Richardson Ford dealership and Woodson Park. As the club grew in size larger facilities were sought to accommodate our growing membership.  Our current home is at the Will Rogers Garden Center.

Early club members set the foundation for the club that exists today.  The club history includes a long list of dedicated club officers and members who have stewarded this club into the 100 plus member organization that you see today.  If you have ever served as a club officer you know that accolades are few and complaints are many. This gives you a better appreciation when you see club officers who have served on the board as many as 10-15 times over their years in the club. This dedication comes from a true love of the hobby and a desire to do a good job for the club.

The first newsletter was published in January of 1968. Mailed monthly, it included general club news along with birthdays, anniversaries, recipes and upcoming activities. Along with these items, technical tips were shared with club members by seasoned and novice Model A mechanics.  Typed manually on a typewriter long before the computer age these first newsletters were quite a task for those early editors. These items are still shared today but our readership is now global as our medium was expanded to include a club website and social media apps like Facebook. All of our early and current newsletters’ are available on our club website today.

The club has a long history of partnering with neighboring clubs for tours and events.  We have traveled all over the United States seeing America at 45mph.  Just recently we have concluded a trip with our partner club in Tulsa to south east Oklahoma to visit the former winter headquarters for the Carson and Barnes circus in Hugo, Ok. In 2016 the clubs made their way to Muskogee, Ok. to participate in the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Jefferson Highway, the first major North South highway in the United States.  These activities give us the opportunity not only to drive but also to share our love of Henry’s Model A.  

Each year the club makes 8-10 local parades which showcase our cars to the local community and also exposes those who may have a Model A in their garage. We encourage our members to drive not trailer their cars and to help we conduct seminars to teach everyday maintenance and specialty repairs.  While we don’t participate in a lot of car shows we do on occasion display our cars at retirement centers, schools and other local events, where they are always a hit.  Just recently we were asked to bring cars to a children’s hospital as one of their special needs patients had seen our cars in the July 4th parade and had, like many of us became an instant fan. We never tire of the smiles these great cars bring to the faces of the young and the old.

It is our hope and desire that the foundations laid by these many years of dedicated club officers and members will secure the future and growth of our club as the next generation of Model A owners take over. 

Take a few minutes and take a look at just some of the images of over 50 years of this clubs great history.

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